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Our new lifestyle has now officially been going for one full month. That lifestyle is that Chad is home right now. I continue to work as a special education teacher.

This plan has been in the works for years. It hatched as we came across a quote that really stuck to us:

“You weren’t put on this Earth just to pay bills and die.”

How true is that? Isn’t it funny how just one simple sentence can stop you in your tracks? What were we doing? And WHY?

This process took a lot of time, commitment, communication and patience. Our first step was for me to be able to teach, as that was my passion and calling. So we devoted our resources to my education, student teaching, and eventually to my placement in our local school district.

Next, we paid off bills, streamlined our mortgage (sold, then bought, then refinanced), and simplified our lives. What I mean by that is that we eliminated “extras”. For example, we don’t pay for monthly cable or satellite TV, we instead use Netflix or Amazon Prime Streaming (which we get with our Prime membership).

Another thing we did was to start really paying attention to our household budget – food and toiletries, etc. I was already a pretty avid meal planner, but I tightened it up even more, changing our meal plan to include more frugal recipes.

The last step was that Chad left his job. I know. How do you make money doing that?

Well, it’s really a two-fold kind of question. Undoubtedly, he could make more income at a traditional job, but the freedom to travel, spend time with the family, and work on his hobbies? That’s not as viable. Fortunately, he is a very handy person, and consequently will start utilizing his skills locally for various handyman jobs and creating items to sell on Etsy. You can read more about Heritage Handy Works HERE.

Part of him leaving his job, and in the time between now and Clara starting Transitional Kindergarten in 2018-2019 (yikes!!) was that he would work on improvements on our house. We never purchase a home that is recently remodeled or “finished” (this is our third home purchase together in eight years). Instead, we find one with good, solid bones and dream of putting our spin on it.

This time, I think we will actually be able to achieve some of those dreams. He now has the time he was lacking, and our careful planning, and sale of our previous house has made it possible for him to have the funds to do it as well. 

Add to that the importance of slowing down and just enjoying this time as a family? You can’t put a price on that. Teaching Clara about tools? Having the time to play silly games? So important. 

SO? While he isn’t conventionally working, he is devoting himself to the remodel of our current house. We hope this will be a great investment. Real estate is a good one, and this house is pretty special. I can’t wait to share his progress as things develop.

In the meantime, I work at a job I love, with summers and every holiday known to man off, which is wonderful. And I get a remodeled house (winning!!). Seems to me, we have the best of both worlds, don’t you think?

Author: Erin

I'm doing what I can to provide the best life I can for my family. I love cooking & baking, homestead arts, DIY, and gardening {as well as coming up with projects for Mr. Wanderstead Husband!!}...but I love to explore the world around us too! We will figure out how to do it, and eat well while trying.

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2 thoughts on “Big Life Changes: Adjusting Our Priorities

  1. It does sound like you have the best of both worlds! I sure do hope things continue to work out for you!
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that life is about choices. Good or bad, you have to live with the choices you’ve made. I think you both will be glad that you have simplified in a way that can allow for you to spend more quality time as a family.

    Posted on June 6, 2017 at 1:03 pm
  2. So proud of all of your accomplishments. Pretty amazing as I think of conversations back on Dog Bar when this whole plan was getting born.

    Posted on June 19, 2017 at 1:16 pm