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It had been a long day. A long week, really.

It was an adventurous, exciting, and really neat experience, this whole driving to Alaska concept. But there were aspects that were difficult, especially with kids.

We arrived at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park in British Columbia exactly one week after we had left home for our trek. Traveling along the Alaska Highway (or Alcan Highway) was proving to be more than we bargained for –

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Today was a long haul. We started in Redding, CA, after spending 2 nights with my parents. We wanted to make sure to spend a little bit of time with them before officially beginning the Trek to Alaska.

This is the first leg of our journey from California up to Alaska towing a 24 foot trailer with two kids. We are traveling with my husband’s parents and will be exploring Alaska for a few weeks until we begin our journey back home to California at the end of the summer.

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24 feet. That’s the length of living space our family of 4 is going to {attempt} to survive in this summer. A lot of planning, list making, research, then more planning is going into this adventure. It’s hard to anticipate everything you might need while balancing not bringing more than you need due to weight in the trailer.

Our summer road trip will take us from Northern California up through British Columbia via the Trans-Canada Highway and up into Alaska through Tok,

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When we booked our Alaska Scouting trip, we decided we wanted to see a little bit of everything. Never having been there, we made the best choices we could with the information we knew. We knew we would head to Anchorage and over to Juneau, but we were unsure how to get back down to the lower 48. Chad, being the Alaska junkie that he is, had read all about the Inside Passage and how spectacular is was.

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So, Alaska…. 

Dearest Wanderstead Wife mentioned that she has been asked “why Alaska?”.  Well, to be honest while Erin loves Alaska, it was my overwhelming need to go to Alaska that has us heading north for the second straight year, this time for the whole summer, so she felt it best if maybe I try to put some words to what pulls me so to Alaska. 

Alaska is one of those mystical places. 

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Lying in bed, my eyes opened. I saw morning light filtering through the windows. Confused and a little groggy, after an exhausting travel day previously (see here), I was disoriented. The light outside told me it had to be around 6:30 AM. I lay there for a few more minutes, enjoying the serene silence. My phone buzzed, causing me to roll over and pick it up.

WHAT?! 3:43 AM??

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A word to the wise when considering traveling 3,000+ miles with your two-year-old.


Take that thought, extract it from your brain, and throw it out the window. Just like all your hopes and dreams for that fun family trip.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh. Too jaded. But then I look back on the pictures from the trip and the tantrums, tears, screaming and sour faces come flooding back to me.

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