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This morning was cold. As I rolled out of bed at my new normal time of 4 AM, I realized that chill in the air wasn’t due to the overhead ceiling fan being on. I blindly opened the closet, trying to stay quiet, as the little one had come to our bed during the night and was sleeping soundly. I reached for the empty space where my long, fuzzy robe usually hangs, only to find it gone –

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Our new lifestyle has now officially been going for one full month. That lifestyle is that Chad is home right now. I continue to work as a special education teacher.

This plan has been in the works for years. It hatched as we came across a quote that really stuck to us:

“You weren’t put on this Earth just to pay bills and die.”

How true is that? Isn’t it funny how just one simple sentence can stop you in your tracks?

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I am at an age where I am surrounded by friends who are either parents, pregnant or trying to be. That’s simply the nature of the game when you are a thirtysomething. A friend of mine is overdue with her first baby and struggling with the suggestion of her midwife to have an induction later on this week if baby hasn’t made an appearance. She is trying to cope with the possibility that she won’t get the labor she has dreamed of.

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