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This morning was cold. As I rolled out of bed at my new normal time of 4 AM, I realized that chill in the air wasn’t due to the overhead ceiling fan being on. I blindly opened the closet, trying to stay quiet, as the little one had come to our bed during the night and was sleeping soundly. I reached for the empty space where my long, fuzzy robe usually hangs, only to find it gone –

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This week I have started a new routine. I get up at 4:00 AM to drag myself out of bed and get upstairs to work on the blog for a few hours before heading off to work. It’s so quiet up in our loft at that time. And oddly enough, I feel so productive and not nearly as tired as I would have thought. 

It’s funny, but many of my family members are extreme early risers,

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On what would have been my father’s 60th birthday, I wrote this on a whim, but felt it was more appropriate to be shared on Father’s Day. 

Our last visit was right around this time of year, about three months before he died. Ten years ago. Until we had that visit, it had been well over ten years since the previous visit. Like ships passing in the night. 

Except I was a kid.

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