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In an earlier post I made mention of Old School Mom & Pop style hardware stores and the almost mesmerizing appeal the hold for me. Also the fact that they are a dying breed.

As I mentioned, I spent some of my best childhood years being raised in a hardware store that my Dad owned in a tiny town in Eastern Washington State. This was the culmination of a lifelong dream of his and the start of a lifelong obsession for me.

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Heritage Handy Works is only in its infancy, however it has been in the making for many years.  To get an idea of what makes me tick and has led me to start Heritage, hell even the name Heritage you have to look at my father.  I’ve been following my father around for my entire life.  Sometimes not a willing tag along but none the less tagging right along with him.

My father would tell you that he is not a good teacher when it comes to me.

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