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Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Two of my most favorite things in the world to eat together are avocado and cucumber.

I’ll eat them here, I’ll eat them there, I will eat them everywhere.

{Oops. Channeling my inner Dr. Seuss. Can you tell I’m an elementary school teacher?}

On top of being loaded with great health benefits (such as potassium, Vitamin K and that handy-dandy anti-inflammatory substance called fisetin),

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There is an ongoing battle in our household. With both my husband and I being headstrong Irishmen/women, you can bet that we both have a very decided opinion when it comes to the preparation of our potatoes.

We both agree that they belong in 86% of all meals. If not all.

But, this is a very serious problem. It’s caused disagreements, heated arguments and heavy sighs.

{Those deep sighs that married couples love to exchange when one or the other is being ridiculous.}

The problem?

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