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As I mentioned in my About Me section, cooking and baking are a major part of my life. I am neither classically trained, nor a professional by any means. I am your average home cook.

{But I'm a little more obsessed than the typical person.}

My recipes stem from a mixture of things my mother and grandfather cooked, recipes that have struck my fancy when perusing my many cooking magazines or cooking shows, or sometimes something that just sounds good. I try to use REAL food when possible, but here's the thing.

I'm a working mom. I get tired sometimes. I understand convenience is sometimes the route for dinner. That said, I try to avoid pre-made or processed foods when possible, mainly because I like to know what is in my food.

My theory behind food and nutrition is fairly simple. Know what you're eating and do so in moderation. I'm not into trendy diets. I like real food. I am also not afraid of those two "B" words.

Bacon & Butter.

However, I am always looking for new ways to try vegetables and fruits to make them more pleasing to the family as a whole. Essentially, I'm a down home cook using the best quality produce, dairy, and meat I can afford. Sometimes that means it's from the garden, sometimes it's from the homestead, and sometimes I go to the local farmer's market.

With meal planning and a little prep, those convenience foods begin to get limited within our daily grind, and I am able to replace them with something homemade.

It is important for me that my children know what REAL food tastes like. I want them to have a discerning palate. I want them to love and enjoy their food, not be in a fight with it. Having a healthy attitude about what we eat is important.

And even more important? Food is to be enjoyed. Loved. Embraced. It's a full sensory experience to eat something magnificent, first by breathing in the scents, looking at the beauty of it, feeling the textures and lastly, tasting that goodness.

I hope you enjoy the recipes from our home to yours.

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