Heritage Handy Works

Why Heritage Handy Works?

Why call it Heritage Handy Works you ask?  You didn’t ask??  Oh…. Well here it is anyway.

Erin and I chose the name Heritage for several reasons. 

Primarily it is an homage to my Dad.  If you have read my previous posts, you know that most of who I am and what I am is a result of my Dad. My Heritage is small projects, tools, woodworking, metal working and just all around Handy Works (see what I did there?).  My Dad spent the last 20 years that he worked as a handyman.  He called his business Maycroft & Dad Handyman Services.  That’s the kind of father he is.  Always putting me first. I thought about resurrecting that name, but because I wanted to do more than handyman work and because I wanted something that would be a nod to Maycroft & Dad but still my own, I came up with the name Heritage Handy Works.

Secondly it is in reference to the heritage I am passing on to my children.  Expressing yourself through art be it wood, metal, music or any artistic outlet is one of the most important things we as people do.  Some people may not consider a handmade shelf to be art, or a well repaired item an expression of yourself, but I do.  When we create something, be it a piece hanging in a museum or planter box to grow flowers in, we invest ourselves it and so it is a part of us that we leave behind.

And lastly, I just really like the way it sounds.  It pleases me.

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