Honey-do Lists

For some reason, Chad and I are unable to purchase any type of home that doesn’t have “ridiculous amount of work and money needed” written all over it. Newly painted, updated, and landscaped? Not our style. We would prefer a strange layout, terrible colors inside and the chance to create an outside we want. 

I prefer to think of it as putting our own stamp on it. 

Fortunately, this lends itself to MANY DIY and outside projects. To me, an outside project falls into two categories though, especially when one is {attempting} to somewhat live off their land. You have a garden and area for self-sufficiency and you have a part that lends itself more to the aesthetic, landscaping world. My goal is to marry those two together. More of an edible landscape, so to speak. 

The DIY projects vary from items for the home, such as the Dutch Oven Lid Lifter made by Chad, to renovating the old patio into a new, beautiful dining room. 

Check back frequently for updates!