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The holiday season is upon us. This year, Wanderstead Husband and I have made a vow to truly limit the number of items purchased and really focus on homemade and quality or unique items.

In an effort to both lower our financial footprint, but also simplify and focus more on the spirit of the season, we have both begun working on projects and gifts for loved ones.

However, I know I will be purchasing some things.

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There are any number of “must have” lists out there, but one that I think is perhaps overlooked or glossed over is a list of tools that everyone should have readily on hand.  Whether it’s an emergency repair or a small DIY project, everyone should have immediate access to some very basic tools.  The following is what I think of as a BASIC tool set.  My collection is somewhat more extensive, however compared to some mine would be considered basic so don’t be intimidated.

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