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I’ve got two words for you.

Pan. Pizza.

I have recently become a convert to this style of cooking pizza. You may have picked up on that based on how many times I make it in a 10-day span.

Fortunately, the family is on board with it.

There are a few recipes floating around the internet, and they all say basically the same thing. There are 4 simple ingredients.

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You guys! I saw RAIN coming in the forecast! I know for non-Californians, that isn’t very exciting, but for me? Well I’m just about up to HERE with this triple digit heat. I don’t see serious rain, but I did see it mentioned and that means that fall is basically here.

Know what fall means? Crockpots & cozy, homemade meals. And I just love my crockpot more than an average person. I may or may not own three,

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This is a good one. I promise. One I have been making in our house for quite some time. To be honest, it hasn’t even evolved all that much. One role of being a mama in this house is having a pretty good idea of what the consumers will eat.

I usually know before I set down dinner if it’s going to be a hit.

{Sometimes I don’t care, if I’m feeling particularly ornery.

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You have wanted to try this whole meal-planning thing. But where to start? There are entire pinterest boards devoted to it, hundreds of blog posts, and tips all over. It’s overwhelming.

We’re going to start off easy. Slow. Just try it out and see how it works. Let’s plan for one week. That’s it. 7 days. You still with me? You can do it…Here we go!

  1. Begin by brainstorming a few meals your family loves.

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I love breakfast that looks super complicated. Especially when it’s not.

If you are having a brunch, a bunch of people over, or if it is simply a Sunday morning, this is a great (versatile) breakfast.

I have made this with both puff pastry and with crescent roll dough. Both are good,

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Meal planning. Such a buzzword. There are those who do, and those who don’t. And I suppose those who wish they could.

Guess what? You can {and should!} do it. If you’re still on the fence as to why, let me talk to you for a minute about why it’s the best thing I ever started doing for our family.

1. You’ll save money

This is a biggie. HUGE! Who doesn’t want to save money on their grocery bill?

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As a child, I can remember being very excited about  blackberry picking. This was a summertime tradition. On the coast, where this picking took place, the headlands are covered in blackberry bushes. Every year, it’s a race to see who can fill their buckets.

It’s a long day usually, albeit a cool one. Summer on the Northern California coast is not known for warmth. Typically the salty sea air helps to keep any hint of heat at bay.

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There are few things as comforting as breakfast for dinner. For me, a big breakfast is generally reserved for weekends, vacations and special indulgences. An added bonus is that it is typically a fairly frugal meal.

I love breakfast. I really do. But I just can’t make a great big one before jutting off to work in the mornings. On a particularly drizzly and gray day, after a rather strenuous work day, I realized this sounded like the best pick me up.

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I remember a few years ago when a co-worker of mine mentioned tacos de papa – or, potato tacos. Being a good Irish AND California girl, I could see no reason why this concoction wouldn’t be delicious. And quite frankly, I was a little disappointed that I had missed 28 years of opportunities to eat them.

That said, when I added them to my monthly meal plan one month, I didn’t think through the preparation needed for this meal.

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