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If you read my list of 9 Must Have Tools then you probably have picked up on the fact that I love tools. Like, seriously love them.  So for me, just the basics won’t and don’t cut it.  Furthermore, I tackle some pretty big projects.  I really enjoy fixing things around the house, building things for the Wanderstead Wife and family as well as trying to make a bit of a living.  An extensive tool collection is a must.

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There are homesteaders. And then…there are homesteaders. There are those trying to be self-sufficient on 1/10 of an acre and those who have thousands of acres and haven’t been to a store in 16 years.

We fall in between those two extremes.

We live in the foothills in northern California, just up out of the valley. Our home resides at approximately 800 feet above sea level and we have 20 acres of a combination of steep terrain and a little semi-flat.

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What has developed into a ritual for Chad and I, Sunday is what we refer to as “dreaming day”. The day that we tend to wander the property, dream about the future, make plans, investigate and discuss those plans, then (usually) come back to the same conclusion we did the previous weekend.

This whole “straddling two worlds” thing is truly emotionally draining. {For us, straddling two worlds means wanting to have the ability to travel at a moment’s notice,

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