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Cold and flu season is here. As both a teacher and a mother, you can imagine the amount of germs that I am exposed to as well as bring into our home on a daily basis. While I’m not anti-medication per se, I do prefer to try natural methods as preventative options when given the chance.

By no means am I an expert, merely a mom who has taken an active interest in alternative methods to big pharma,

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I’ve got two words for you.

Pan. Pizza.

I have recently become a convert to this style of cooking pizza. You may have picked up on that based on how many times I make it in a 10-day span.

Fortunately, the family is on board with it.

There are a few recipes floating around the internet, and they all say basically the same thing. There are 4 simple ingredients.

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My daughter, Clara, just loves to help mama in the kitchen. Her help isn’t always –  um – helpful. But having her in with me, genuinely interested and loving every little bit just melts my heart. Friday night is pizza night at our house. We have many variations on the theme, but tonight I wanted Clara to be involved. Because we were working outside, I utilized my bread maker to get the dough started without having to pay attention to it.

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