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You guys! I saw RAIN coming in the forecast! I know for non-Californians, that isn’t very exciting, but for me? Well I’m just about up to HERE with this triple digit heat. I don’t see serious rain, but I did see it mentioned and that means that fall is basically here.

Know what fall means? Crockpots & cozy, homemade meals. And I just love my crockpot more than an average person. I may or may not own three,

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There is an ongoing battle in our household. With both my husband and I being headstrong Irishmen/women, you can bet that we both have a very decided opinion when it comes to the preparation of our potatoes.

We both agree that they belong in 86% of all meals. If not all.

But, this is a very serious problem. It’s caused disagreements, heated arguments and heavy sighs.

{Those deep sighs that married couples love to exchange when one or the other is being ridiculous.}

The problem?

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