Travel & Adventure

We travel as much as we can. We don’t go to exotic, far away places. Not because we don’t want to. But because we can’t. At least not at this stage of our lives. 

Travel, to me, is getting away from your home base in any way. Be it a little jaunt to the coast for a long weekend, a backpacking trek up in the Desolation Wilderness, or a road trip up to Alaska. There is SO MUCH to see, even in this state I call home (California). 

Traveling with children is completely different from traveling with just Chad and myself. Our bucket list is ever growing though. This summer, we get to check off Alaska and the trek through Canada to get there. We will go above the Arctic Circle and see Denali. Next summer? We are Hawaii bound. And in the meantime? Well, that Pacific Crest Trail is a mere 45 minutes from my doorstep, and the Lost Coast is a few hours away. Perhaps a little college tour is in order, as our youngest boy is preparing to start his senior year. 

I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead.