I’m so excited! I was recently nominated by Simply Amanda for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I could not be more thrilled or honored to receive this nomination. Thank you so much!! 

WHAT is the Sunshine Blogger award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers who are inspiring, creative and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and other fellow bloggers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog
  • Answer questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  • List other bloggers that you nominate for the Sunshine Blogger Award
  • Create 11 questions for the bloggers that you have nominated
  • Let your nominees know that they have been nominated

My questions &
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Ah Spring Break. How wonderful to see you. 

We were so excited to try out our {new to us} trailer for a little getaway to the Mendocino Coast before we headed off on our maiden voyage to Alaska. Alas, Mother Nature had different plans, deciding to open the sky up with yet another “atmospheric river” in Northern California. 

We definitely aren’t in a drought any longer.

Let’s be honest for a second.

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So, Alaska…. 

Dearest Wanderstead Wife mentioned that she has been asked “why Alaska?”.  Well, to be honest while Erin loves Alaska, it was my overwhelming need to go to Alaska that has us heading north for the second straight year, this time for the whole summer, so she felt it best if maybe I try to put some words to what pulls me so to Alaska. 

Alaska is one of those mystical places. 

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In our house, burgers are a way of life. They are so prevalent that they got their own day on my monthly meal planning calendar. That’s right. One day per week is dedicated to the almighty burger.

Every Wednesday – even though it’s posted on the refrigerator – one of the family members excitedly asks what kind of burger we get tonight.

Well, folks. Tonight we are classing it up a little.

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I have been a pretty avid meal planner for the past few years. I have tried several methods, and for us, monthly shopping, supplementing about 1 time (two weeks in) is what works the best. Meal planning is daunting. It is a time investment. But, for me, taking the stress out of meal planning for the remainder of the month is oh so worth it.

I have perfected (for my family) a method that is tried and true and it really seems to work.

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Heritage Handy Works is only in its infancy, however it has been in the making for many years.  To get an idea of what makes me tick and has led me to start Heritage, hell even the name Heritage you have to look at my father.  I’ve been following my father around for my entire life.  Sometimes not a willing tag along but none the less tagging right along with him.

My father would tell you that he is not a good teacher when it comes to me.

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As a child, I can remember being very excited about  blackberry picking. This was a summertime tradition. On the coast, where this picking took place, the headlands are covered in blackberry bushes. Every year, it’s a race to see who can fill their buckets.

It’s a long day usually, albeit a cool one. Summer on the Northern California coast is not known for warmth. Typically the salty sea air helps to keep any hint of heat at bay.

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Sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Two of my most favorite things in the world to eat together are avocado and cucumber.

I’ll eat them here, I’ll eat them there, I will eat them everywhere.

{Oops. Channeling my inner Dr. Seuss. Can you tell I’m an elementary school teacher?}

On top of being loaded with great health benefits (such as potassium, Vitamin K and that handy-dandy anti-inflammatory substance called fisetin),

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My daughter, Clara, just loves to help mama in the kitchen. Her help isn’t always –  um – helpful. But having her in with me, genuinely interested and loving every little bit just melts my heart. Friday night is pizza night at our house. We have many variations on the theme, but tonight I wanted Clara to be involved. Because we were working outside, I utilized my bread maker to get the dough started without having to pay attention to it.

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What has developed into a ritual for Chad and I, Sunday is what we refer to as “dreaming day”. The day that we tend to wander the property, dream about the future, make plans, investigate and discuss those plans, then (usually) come back to the same conclusion we did the previous weekend.

This whole “straddling two worlds” thing is truly emotionally draining. {For us, straddling two worlds means wanting to have the ability to travel at a moment’s notice,

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